LocalCoinSwap announces results of first community vote

In a few short days on April 15, the official LocalCoinSwap ICO will begin with the goal of raising $20M to build a revolutionary new peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. Not only will the exchange offer trading on a multitude of coins, but it will also include community involvement like never seen before. In the last two months since the announcement of the ICO, LocalCoinSwap has managed to reach the target $500,000 soft-cap before the beginning of the pre-sale and completely sell out of the allocated 15M LCS Cryptoshares during the pre-sale.

But not only has the ICO been a huge success, as the news of the LocalCoinSwap mission spreads, the community has grown at an exponential rate which now includes over 5,000 Telegram users, 11,000 Facebook followers and 4,500 Twitter followers. The LCS team has grown with the addition of new highly-skilled developers and every roadmap milestone remains on track as we march towards the creation of a peer-to-peer exchange that will revolutionise the accessibility and trading of cryptocurrency.

First community vote

One of the most exciting developments for LocalCoinSwap has been the implementation of the first community vote amongst LCS Cryptoshare holders. On Friday April 6, the first community vote was announced with the aim of deciding whether to change the pricing of LCS Cryptoshares from 0.0004 ETH to 40c USD. Using our developed voting system with Smart Contract technology, we were able to quickly and seamlessly secure the vote of the community on this issue.

On Monday April 9, voting closed with a final voting tally of 7,330 not in favour of changing the peg to USD, and 7,375,151 in favour of changing the peg to USD. As such, we are able to implement this change knowing that it has the support of the LCS community.

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What is next for LocalCoinSwap

As we gear up for the commencement of the ICO a new and exciting development has been announced. Starting on April 15, LocalCoinSwap will continue to champion transparency by beginning a public facing development process using the Agile Scrum methodology. This will consist of 2 week sprints where the start of each sprint will explain what we are working on and include a prototype video and Q&A session with developers. This will allow community members to engage with the development process and provide feedback on features and design as we go.

Now is the time to get involved in the LocalCoinSwap community

For those who are yet to get involved in the LCS community, there has never been a better time to do so as we approach several crucial milestones. The LocalCoinSwap ICO will run from April 15 to June 15 with the goal of raising $20M. Soon after, official exchange listings will be announced.

Development on the LocalCoinSwap exchange continues to progress with a launch date of the fully operational exchange in August. The LocalCoinSwap team and community also continue to expand rapidly along with regular new and exciting developments that are announced on our social media.

So if you haven’t already, follow us on any one of our social media Reddit, Steemit, Medium, Telegram,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and head over to the website to sign up to the newsletter to receive important announcements.

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